Wine Tours

Exciting day trips

Scheduling day trips infused with wine-focused activities is easy, and you'll be able to make just about everyone happy. The hardest challenge will be trying to pack in everything you want to do. The Okanagan Valley is filled with wineries, each of them offering tours of their sprawling vineyards and quality restaurants.

Once you finished your tour, spend an evening with an outdoor concert in a vineyard. Don't forget to pick up some wine along your travels.

The Okanagan Valley

The Okanagan Valley is B.C.'s largest and oldest wine appellation and has experienced unprecedented growth over the last two decades.

The Okanagan is an ecological wonder. It stretches more than 100 kilometres and is arid, receiving less than 30 mm of precipitation annually. Okanagan Lake fills most of the valley floor and offers welcome respite from the blistering summer heat. The divergent terrain has created unique microclimates in the various pockets of the valley. For that reason, you will find a profound diversity in the varieties of grapes and styles of wines produced here.